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Free partnership for everyone
Posted by Nancy Abdelkader

The partnership program will be available soon. Meanwhile, you can discover what we’re going to offer to our affiliates…


Maybe you didn’t know — but you already are our partner.

There’s no need to make a new subscription or to pay signup costs: any user can take immediate advantage of our affiliate program and resell MailChef freely.

It’s easy: you tag links with your affiliate ID on your website or newsletters, and get a slice on each purchase coming from your referral.

More in detail, you get:

  • recurring 30% commission on all affiliate transactions
  • Ready-made templates and banners to increase your reach
  • Detailed information about your customers and transactions with a dedicated analytics platform

And now let’s see how it works.

Easy extra money

It’s easy to make extra money with Mailchef. You simply need to put your own affiliate link on your website or emails (for instance using a banner). Each time a referral coming from this link makes a purchase, you will earn 30% of the sale.

The payments are made each $100 of earned commission, and 30 days after the transaction made by your customer. In your affiliate area you can see a “Request payment” button: when it turns to green, you can click on it and get your money. And all commissions are ensured lifetime.

An example: a referral of yours signs up to MailChef and buys a $60 monthly plan. Great stuff: each month you will earn $20 until he remains a MailChef customer. Moreover, if he decides to upgrade to, say, a $90 monthly plan — your commission automatically raises to $30!

Please note that we reserver ourselves not to pay your commission in case of spam complaints or technical issues generated by your customers.

Templates & banners

We provide a wide choice of bannerstextual links and templates that you can put wherever you want on your website or in your newsletter.

If you need a customized banner, just ask and we’d be happy to design it for you.

Moreover, when you send an email with MailChef, the system asks you if you want to include our logo directy in the footer.

Detailed analytics

All your revenues are carefully tracked in real time, and you can check them on your personal dashboard.

We provide detailed reports to give you a complete control over the transactions made via your banners and links. In any moment you can retrieve all information about your account. And as usual, if you don’t understand something, feel free to ask for support.

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